That 70’s House


There’s something about a new home purchase that feels like the anticipation of spring.  It’s hard not to get excited about the possibilities and a future in a new home.  Like shedding that layer of winter clothes and watching the first buds appear on the trees, making a new place your home brings together feelings of hope and joy.

But who can forget the stress!  Just like crossing fingers that my summer pants will still fit, I worry about all the unknowns hiding in a house I just met.

I recently bought a 1970’s bungalow in a lovely neighborhood near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  As anticipated, it will need some updates, but I love a project!

The stress though, is offset by the quirky 70’s features found throughout the house.  The milk door at the back porch, the dark wood paneling in the basement, the cupboard under the stairs and the red linoleum in the rumpus room are charming yet weird additions to this sweet little house.

Yes, I fell in love with that 70’s house, and this blog is my chronicle of my adventures in home renovations.

~ Heather