Murphy’s Law vs Selling My House


I find many of life’s moments tend to follow to Murphy’s Law, especially when trying to quickly tidy the house before a realtor has a showing!  The adage “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” has applied more than once during my mad attempt to organize. I list the following, in no particular order, as examples:

  1. I spilled a whole canister of loose tea in the dining room in a questionable attempt to reorganize a cupboard in the kitchen
  2. The bag of hamster cage fluff exploded as I decided to quickly clean her cage before I left the house
  3. My daughter tried to clean up oil pastels in her bathroom when the chalk somehow broken and became airborne dust…everywhere.  On every surface (toilet, counter, sink, floor), there was orange dust.  Dust that was tracked across the house on the bottom of white socks…before I noticed.  Foolishly I tried wiping it up with a damp rag, only streaking the pigment and further staining the rubber surrounding the sink a terrible orange.  After vacuuming everything, I made a late night trip to the store for bleach-based cleaner and declared war on the pastel dust stains.
  4. The hamster escaped one night and that was the night I had not taken the garbage out. Woke up the next morning to the hamster standing on her hind legs beside her cage, cheeks full.  Immediately concerned about what she had gotten into, I frantically turned around, looking for…yup, the garbage bag – containing a leftover stale donut.  The bag was disheveled and the donut was half eaten.  Not kidding – the hamster had eaten half a stale honey-glazed donut.  We got her to spit out most of the food stuffed in her cheeks, but I was still finding donut stashes in her cage days later.


Dear, sweet little Hammy.  What a character!  🙂