Day 16 – Concrete Caulking!

back of house

This is the view of the back of my house.  I love this house so much!  But check out the concrete.  No, it’s not your eyes.  It’s sloping.  There are two small poured concrete pads that were not well supported.  Over the years, with water erosion underneath and the sheer weight of the concrete, the pads are sloped slightly inwards and to the house.  Basically a funnel for rain to potentially run into my basement.

My plan is to lift the concrete slabs, but until then, I had to mitigate potential water issues somehow.  With a big rainstorm in the forecast, Day 16 started bright and early.

The plan – use cement caulk to connect the concrete slab to the cement parging to prevent water from entering behind the slab.


  • four tubes of cement caulking (I used GE Silicone for Concrete from Home Depot)
  • foam backer rod
  • stiff cardstock (I used a few old business cards) to smear the caulking smooth
  • online tutorials!  I referred mostly to this one.

Before I started, I swept out all debris from beside the foundation so the caulking would have a clean(ish) surface to adhere to.

The previous owner had put some spray foam in a few of the larger gaps, so I filled in the rest with the foam backer rod.  If the gap was narrow, I left out the foam.  Once that was done, I started using gobs and gobs of caulking.

I basically followed the same idea as the online tutorial, but used a piece of cardstock instead of a spoon…  because I refuse to waste a spoon.

This is a temporary solution for sure, but after that first rainstorm, there were puddles along the foundation, so I call it a win!

concrete caulking

I do have some large chunks of concrete missing where (I think) wooden fence posts once resided.  Eventually I’ll pour in some of that self-leveling concrete to tidy up those spots.  Again, a temporary solution, but it beats having water potentially run down the side of the foundation.