I am a hard-working single mom with a plan!  ‘Simple’ and ‘practical’ are words I live by while trying to navigate the unpredictable world around me.  I enjoy the challenges of renewing my home by creating something from a simple idea.

I’m sharing my lessons learned in home renovation, gardening, DIY, and crafting.  My angle?  I will re-purpose, recycle or reuse before I buy new, and I’m not afraid of a little hard work.


I’m not an expert in construction by any means.  That’s why I consult and use the services of professionals to complete tasks that are outside my area of expertise.  There is no way I’m doing electrical work solo and without permits!  My posts are “in my opinion” only and show what works for me in my particular situation.


I use affiliate links and advertising to help offset my costs.  If you choose to click on a link, I may receive a small payment from the linked organization in return.